All Three Crown

BIBLICAL SOLUTIONS believes effective ministry is "LIFE" overflowing from one to another as seen in John 13:34-35. The staff at Biblical Solutions will equip and train you to effectively disciple those who are experiencing conflict in the seven areas of life.

SOUL CARE SOLUTIONS offers Biblical Counseling and Discipleship in the seven areas of life. The staff of Soul Care Solutions provides the counsel of God's infinite and unchangeable living word. They have been trained in the integration of scriptural truth to daily living. No problem is too great or too small. If you or someone you know is experiencing conflict, click here to connect with us.

TORN VEIL PRESS creates print and digital media that equips, encourages, and empowers the soul and strengthens the body of Christ through Repentance, Renewal, Rest, and Reconciliation in the seven areas of life: Spiritual, Psychological, Social, Physical, Financial, Marital, and Parental.