Every Believer's Call to Ministry

Biblical Solutions believes that the Lord calls each believer to walk with Him in such a way that the world sees His presence in our lives. This dynamic lifestyle is not only our inheritance, but our opportunity to engage with those around us who are hurting, confused, and deceived by Satan. Biblical Solutions fulfills the Great Commission by continuing Paul's ministry of Reconciliation.

Biblical Solutions takes the principles of the medical triage system and integrates it with discipleship.

Medical triage works like this:

  1. Check for a pulse - are they alive?
  2. Check for respiration - are they inhaling and exhaling effectively?
  3. What parts are broken - where are they bleeding?

Spiritual triage works like this:

  1. Are they alive - are they born spiritually?
  2. Are they inhaling and exhaling effectively - are they exchanging the old self for the new creation?
  3. Where are they broken & bleeding - which of the Seven Areas of Life (Spiritual, Psychological, Physical, Social, Financial, Marital, Parental) are affected?

Restoring Peace in Your Soul

Once the spiritual triage is completed, the real work begins. All it takes is an open and humble heart. That seems so simple, yet it encompasses so much. Through our discipleship ministry path, you are led through Scripture in a way that you've probably never seen or heard. We restore broken marriages, heal fractured families, and help you understand that true joy comes from your identity as a loved, saved, forgiven child of God. We've been there and we'll walk with you through the journey. Trust the process, as there's pain in the path, and joy in the journey when you are leaning on the One who provides soul level healing through Repentance, Renewal, Rest, and Reconciliation.

Training You for Your Call to Ministry

This can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task, one for which we may not feel adequately prepared or qualified. However, the Lord's ways are as simple as examining and sharing with others the simple observations of the very things He designed, because life is lived in the small things! Romans 1:20 says that all of God's attributes are clearly seen and understood by what He has made. Training through Biblical Solutions prepares you to share the truth of God's love through the ministry of Reconciliation.

Providing Biblical Materials for Spiritual Growth

Pictures and words tell stories. Words paint a picture, and a picture is worth a thousand words. They can inspire. They bring back memories. They help us dream. Pictures and words are vital to our life. They can take us to places we've never been and places that are so familiar it seems like we've never left. Pictures and words are a powerful force for encouragement and inspiration. Through our print, digital production, and social media channels, we create pictures and words that encourage the soul and strengthen the body of Christ. Follow Biblical Solutions on these platforms:

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