Moving People From Pain to Peace

Funding the Mission and Vision of Biblical Solutions

Foundation Builders Fund

The Foundation Builders Fund ensures the stability and continuity of our essential functions, enabling us to fulfill our mission with steadfastness and effectiveness. Contributions to the Foundation Builders Fund directly sustain critical operational needs. Your generosity serves as the bedrock upon which our organization thrives, allowing us to focus on delivering impactful programs and services to those we serve. Join us in building a strong foundation for the future of Biblical Solutions and the lives we impact. Click here to support the Foundation Builders Fund.

Compassionate Care Fund

The Compassionate Care Fund is dedicated to ensuring that everyone, regardless of financial means, has access to the Professional Biblical Counseling they need. Your support will directly impact individuals and families who are facing financial hardship, allowing them to receive the guidance, support, and healing they deserve. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most, offering hope and restoration through the transformative power of Professional Biblical Counseling. Click here to support the Compassionate Care Fund.

Wisdom Wellspring Fund

The Wisdom Wellspring Fund serves as a vital resource for nurturing knowledge and fostering growth among the staff of Biblical Solutions. Dedicated to supporting continuing education and ongoing training, this fund provides resources for workshops, conferences, professional development initiatives, and associated expenses. Your contribution allows the Biblical Solutions staff to access enriching experiences, cultivate wisdom, and excel in their role, ultimately strengthening our capacity to serve the lives we impact with excellence. Click here to support the Wisdom Wellspring Fund.