Reviewing the Day in Prayer

Slow down to pay attention to the data of your life.

Think of this as a way of sitting with Jesus and talking through the details of your day. Notice your thoughts, actions, emotions, and motivations.  By taking time to review your day in prayer, you have the opportunity to see details you might otherwise overlook. This helps you perceive the Spirit’s movement and discover God’s presence in all of life. As you begin to pray, still and quiet yourself. Give thanks for some of the specific gifts God has given you today. Then ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct your thoughts as you prayerfully review your day. Let the details play out like a short movie. Pay attention both to the things that gave you life and to the things that drained you. Notice where the Spirit invites you to linger and ponder.  

Some questions to adapt and use:

When were you aware of God’s presence today?

When did you sense God’s absence? 

When did you respond to God with love, faith, and obedience?

When did you resist or avoid God?

When did you feel most alive and energized?

When did you feel drained, troubled, or agitated?

After reviewing the details of your day, confess what needs to be confessed. Allow God’s Spirit to bring you wholeness, grace, and forgiveness.

Finally, consider these questions:

How will you live attentively in God’s love tomorrow?

How can you structure your day in light of God’s presence, taking into account your own rhythms and responses to the movement of the Spirit?

Ask for the grace to recognize how God makes his love known to you.

Excerpt from: Sensible Shoes: A Story About the Spiritual Journey by Sharon Gatlough

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