Irrationally Optimistic

Bull in a China Shop?

Have you ever been accused of being a bull in a china shop? Taking something too far, too fast, when discretion is needed? We all have to varying degrees in our lives. What’s the root cause? ANGER!

Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong. This wrong could be perceived or actual, it doesn’t matter! What lies behind anger? Here are a few ideas: Fear (behind which is anxiety, frustration – confusion (these are very close to each other), isolation (which comes from sadness and hurt), shame (which comes from guilt – both real and imagined), jealousy, outrage at injustice, helplessness, overwhelming stress, humiliation, embarrassment, depression, and loneliness (which comes from rejection). One or multiple of these very well could be behind your anger.

Anger leads us to be irrationally optimistic about our ability to solve a problem. Anger seeks catharsis, often in the urge to “do something!” This is usually done out of frustration or irritation and is manifested by tunnel vision toward an issue or person. Anger also leads us to ramp up the volume when we should reinforce our argument. After all, louder is more right! (right?)

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